Manufacturers of paper punches

UNO Paper Punches have been manufactured in South Africa since 1966. The original Company Carter Products (Pty) Ltd was founded by Glen & Harry Carter.

Following the death of Glen Carter the Company passed through various hands until Wonruc Products CC was set up in 1999 by Norman & Paul Curnow.

Uno Senior

Uno Senior

Two hole heavy duty woodbase punch

Uno 1 hole heavy duty punch

Uno 1 hole heavy duty punch

Available with:
5.5 mm Cutters (Standard)
6.0 mm Cutters (Special)
8.0 mm Cutters (Special)
10 mm Cutters (Special)

Product Range

  • Uno Senior
  • Uno 1 hole heavy duty punch
Please contact Michelle at
083 791 0303 or send an email to for bulk orders.

53 Years of quality builds, We will continue to bring you a product of high quality and excellent durability.


Contact Details

P.O. Box 633,

Phone: +27 (0)83 791 0303

Email :

Punches Are Packed As Follows:
All Uno Senior & Uno 1 hole heavy duty punches are delivered in packs of 10
Number of sheets punched at a time:
Punch Type No. of sheets
Uno Senior 55
1 Hole Heavy Duty 25

*These figures are based on 80g bond paper.